AT Speed-Date Roadshow – Bristol and Coventry 7th/8th February

Join us for FREE between 9am-1.05pm, where you will break into small groups of 3-4 people and move around the room, listening to 20-minute presentations by 8 assistive technology providers, whilst seated at their stand. The sessions will be a mixture of new product demos, new version updates or have a case study/research focus. Free licences and freebies will be available from some of the exhibitors.

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Presentations by:

Global AutoCorrect, iansyst Ltd, Inspiration Software, Inc., Kaz Type Ltd (Coventry only), Learning Labs (Bristol only), Medincle, Scanning Pens Ltd, Sonocent Ltd, Spellex British Assistive Technology Solutions.

Presentation topics:

Sonocent Ltd – Effective Note-taking Strategies for Successful Study

To help students learn from information delivered through spoken language, effective note-taking is crucial but traditional methods of taking notes often pose challenges, resulting in poor quality notes. Sonocent aims to solve this problem by giving students the tools they need to work effectively with spoken language in any learning environment. In this session, discover the core principles and key benefits of Sonocent and how simple it is to use.

KAZ Type Ltd. – Coventry only – The benefits of KAZ’s neurodiverse typing software and teaching typing skill to neurodivergent students

We will be discussing how:

  • KAZ’s neurodiverse edition, as an assistive technology, offers students an alternate method of learning and communicating and equips them with a portable ‘life skill’ which they can use past education, through to employment and life.
  • Meets the needs and challenges experienced by neurodivergent individuals.
  • The pros and cons against other assistive technology, including ‘Speech to Text’.
  • City & Guilds Assured digital certificate and badge to showcase on social media, CVs and job applications.

Inspiration Software, Inc. – Visual Learning with Inspiration Maps App for iPads and iPhones, now part of Inspiration 9 for DSA

Demonstration of Inspiration Maps, the most intuitive and powerful visual thinking and learning app on iPad and iPhone. Inspiration Maps can be used to help students with specific learning difficulties brainstorm, mind map, plan, take notes and write essays; making it ideal for use in lectures, classes and field trips, where a laptop is less convenient. Inspiration Maps is free for DSA students who are in receipt of Inspiration 9 as part of their DSA package.

Learning Labs – Bristol only – Five Advantages of Learning Labs

Learning Labs is the online learning portal designed to complement one-to-one AT training, giving students access to bite-sized and interactive AT tutorials. For the launch of this academic year, Learning Labs has been refreshed with updated versions of labs and entirely new labs. Attend this presentation to receive a free Learning Labs account whilst Andy and ex-needs assessor Chris take you through a live demo of the portal and explain all the advantages.

Global AutoCorrect – LexAble will be demonstrating Global AutoCorrect 4.2 for PC and Global AutoCorrect 3.2 for Mac.

LexAble is a dynamic software company based in Cardiff. They will be demonstrating their new release of Global AutoCorrect: a discreet tool that automatically corrects spelling mistakes and typos in real time. It works straight out of the box, in every program, instantly correcting millions of misspellings. It now has over 130 specialist dictionaries installed, covering many subjects from Medical to Maths, Geography to Geology, Law to Landscape garden design, and Physics to Philosophy. You can even add your own corrections! The beauty of the software is that it allows you to focus on the content of your writing, then work on your spelling in your own time.

iansyst Ltd – New Online Portal for Students 

A member of the Iansyst team will be discussing the latest updates about their DSA process, which includes their new online portal for students. The iansyst DSA portal offers an easy solution for students who would prefer to organise their equipment online from submitting their DSA letters to sorting the delivery of their equipment.

Iansyst will also offer any updates on assistive technology developments and the Disabled Students Allowance.

Medincle – Suite of assistive tools to support health and life science students

Medincle provides a suite of assistive tools to support health and life science students with the challenges posed by biomedical jargon. Medincle software enable British medical spellchecking, dictation, mind mapping, and word prediction, all within a wide range of popular word-processing and assistive softwares. This ensures students get the most out of the tools they are provided through the DSA by enabling their assistive software to function fully for their course.

The team from Medincle will run through their fantastic software, explaining how it benefits health and life science students. There will be a short demonstration of the Medincle software in action, and time for questions. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and a demo licence to the software.

Scanning Pens Ltd Update – What you need to know

All you need to know about current legislation / roll out procedures for the C-Pen Reader and C-Pen exam reader within further and higher education.

Find out about the success so far within colleges and universities using the C-Pen Exam Readers. Saving money and resources alongside increasing grades! Scanning Pens Ltd is the global distributor for the C-Pen and other leading scanning pen manufacturers.

As a leading Assistive Technology supplier for over 15 years, we combine our expert knowledge with years of experience in the dyslexia field to help develop solutions for those who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia

Spellex British Assistive Technology Solutions – Literacy assistance for students and professionals

Our presentation will cover the full line of the Spellex DSA products that provide basic literacy assistance for students and professionals. Spellex is designed for all students with dyslexia and other communication challenges and is especially useful in the fields of nursing, medicine, science, law, and other fields requiring knowledge of special terminology. Spellex features include speech-to-text, text-to-speech, word definitions and pronunciations, advanced British spelling and error reporting, a magnifying reading ruler, a dyslexic-readable font, and custom colour management for better readability. Spellex integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Dragon.

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09.00-09.30 Registration, refreshments and exhibition

09.30-09.45 Welcome

09.45-10.05 Exhibitor Presentation #1

10.05-10.25 Exhibitor Presentation #2

10:25-10.45 Refreshment Break

10:45-11.05 Exhibitor Presentation #3

11.05-11.25 Exhibitor Presentation #4

11.25-11.45 Exhibitor Presentation #5

11.45-12.05 Refreshment Break

12.05-12.25 Exhibitor Presentation #6

12.25-12.45 Exhibitor Presentation #7

12.45-13.05 Exhibitor Presentation #8

13.05 Close of Event

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