Call To Action – Every Web Page Should Have One

07 June 2016

Here are the top 12 tips on using call to actions.

  • Identify the valuable offer
  • Make sure it is clear, concise and stands out. i.e. graphic image representing what they will get (use alt text tags). Use phrases that require no thought and are obviously clickable – make it obvious!
  • Make the button stand out – don’t blend into the design theme
  • Must be action orientated (prefix with verb) – learn, download, watch, find out, take the challenge, buy, book, subscribe etc., or pose a question
  • The call to action and landing page headlines should mirror each other
  • Keep it above the fold
  • Use different call to actions to reflect the different stages in the sales cycle
  • Review the number of call to actions on the page – can have multiple but needs to be balanced against diluting the objective of the page.
  • If you have multiple call to actions, you need to have a clear hierarchy, with the most important at the top
  • Incorporate call to action into your top level navigation: Free Trial, Product Tour, Free Consultation, Buy Now, Contact Us etc.
  • For blog posts have a top, middle and bottom of the  funnel call to action in the blog side bar. For each post have a top of the funnel call to action
  • Avoid any background that can distract from call to actions – busy designs, unnecessary copy etc.

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