NEW – TechEd Showcase CPD Fest – 6 AT webinars delivered over 3 days from 18th-20th June

TechEd Showcase are pleased to bring you the first of our CPD Fest webinar weeks which will be taking place between Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th June 2019.

We will be hosting 6 live AT webinars with 2 scheduled for each day at 10.30am and 1.00pm. Once you have registered for the CPD Fest you will be able to watch any number of the webinars live or you’ll have access to watch the recorded webinars until Friday 28th June so you won’t miss out!

Free licences and freebies will be available from some of the presenters.

Webinars will be presented by:

ClaroRead, Dragon Professional, Gordon Morris, Inspiration Software, Inc., Invate | e-Quality Learning | Learning Labs & Sonocent.

The sessions will be a mixture of new product demos, new version updates or have a case study/research focus.

Programme (Time Zone: British Summer Time)

Gordon Morris – Tuesday 18th June – 10.30-11.30 am
Webinar Title: Assistive hearing products – The Phonak Roger Range

Practical activity

  • Hearing loss and how hearing aids work
  • Why Hearing aids are not always enough
  • Assistive Hearing products and the benefits they provide
  • The product range and the environments they benefit the user in

Attendee takeaways

  • Understanding of hearing loss and the benefits of assistive technology, the products available and where the different products will benefit the end users.
  • Information and advice on the details required from a user to ensure the correct products are ordered.
  • Product knowledge on how to setup the products, ensure they are working and how the end user operates the products on a daily basis

Invate | e-Quality Learning | Learning Labs – Tuesday 18th June – 1.00-2.00pm
Webinar Title: Why consider personalisation in AT? When tailored services mean better outcomes for the learner.

Invate, e-Quality Learning and Learning Labs hold a shared belief that the key to overcoming learning barriers is personalisation in assistive technology.

  • The Learning Labs portal: New labs and new features for accessibility – a unique and interactive AT e-learning experience to meet individual learning styles and complement one-to-one training.
  • The eQL Way: The positive impact that bespoke, high-quality, one-to-one training programmes can have on the learner.
  • The Invate Way: Why an outstanding personalised delivery, installation and tech support service avoids issues for both the learner and the assessment centre.

ClaroRead – Wednesday 19th June – 10.30-11.30am
Webinar Title: Learn how to use all of the main features of ClaroRead including:

  • How to have text read aloud in any document
  • Change the voice style and speed
  • Use the dyslexic friendly spell checker, homophone identifier and word prediction
  • Use the screen ruler and colour tinting
  • Use our study skills tools

Inspiration Software, Inc. – Wednesday 19th June – 1.00-2.00pm
Webinar title:
Combining the visual learning power of Inspiration 9 and Inspiration Maps for stimulating creativity, mapping ideas, academic writing and revision.

For students with neurodiversity or poor mental health, the combined power of Inspiration 9 for Windows and Inspiration Maps for iPhones and iPads has transformed how visual learning techniques can be applied by students to capture their ideas graphically, take visual notes, write essays, revise and more;  both on the move using the iOS app and using their laptop.

In this webinar discover how students can use both software interchangeably and how files are shared, helping them be more productive and effective in their study.

Dragon Professional – Thursday 20th June – 10.30-11.30am
Webinar Title: Getting the most out of Dragon

Dragon Professional is the best speech recognition software in the world.
Dragon has had a huge impact on real lives. If you ever met a confirmed Dragon user then you will hear things like “it changed my life and could not have done my degree without it.” But it used to a challenging, complex piece of software. Not any more!
This presentation takes you through the latest Dragon Professional, how it works, how it does not work: great at what it does, now more easily and simply than before, it’s an amazing tool in your toolbox for making someone as productive and powerful as they can be. By the end, you will appreciate how Dragon is used and how you can help others to use it.

Sonocent – Thursday 20th June – 1.00-2.00pm Webinar Title: How did the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) introduce assistive technology to create an inclusive learning environment for all students, as well as removing the stigma associated with it?

In this webinar discover the process the UCLAN has gone through to achieve this, using their use of Sonocent as an example.

This 60-minute webinar will allow you to discover how they are;

  • Making Sonocent available on and off campus, even for apprentices in workplace environments
  • Developing key academic skills
  • Closing the gap in classrooms using Sonocent where there is no lecture capture
  • Supporting users with AT ambassadors and dedicated AT workshops

Plus more…

There will be a live software demonstration of Sonocent by Lee, and a Q&A session with the panel.

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