Effective marketing strategies for your edtech start-up from our education marketing consultancy experience

Having worked in the education sector for over 15 years, our education marketing consultancy has helped a range of edtech companies get their products to market using a wide range of tried and tested marketing strategies. For edtech companies just starting out, the prospect of getting your product out into the market and, most importantly, making money may seem like a daunting challenge, so we’ve put together some top tips for helping you to develop a successful edtech company.

  • Create a great website from the start
    Your website will need to grow with you as your business grows, which is why we’d recommend investing in the best website you can. We suggest that clients start off with a WordPress website as it is easy to use and search engines love their clear structure which makes them easy to index and search. Read more great reasons you should start with a WordPress website.
  • Consider exhibiting at a trade show
    Trade shows can prove to be a cost-effective way to establish your brand to the education sector allowing you to generate high quality, new business leads, whilst also giving you a valuable opportunity to take a look at competitor activity.
  • Network and learn from some of the best in the business
    Join the trade association for education suppliers, BESA who will be able to offer you insider knowledge based on their years of experience. Start-up businesses can join at a reduced rate as a launchpad member which will open up access to specialist seminars, training and special interest groups who focus on specific areas including: early years, special needs and software and technology. Membership also creates a valuable opportunity for networking at its regular industry events.
  • Get teachers involved in reviewing your product and spreading the word within their networks
    Recruit some teachers and educational professionals as free product testers and work closely with them with a view to creating some teacher ambassadors who can help you spread the word about your product. Their product feedback will also be invaluable for your product development and continued refinement.
  • Get social
    Dedicate time to social media, it’ll take time to build up your networks but they’ll become an increasingly valuable and cost-effective way of communicating with your target market. Encourage your teacher ambassadors to share their product experiences on social media, as their views will have the greatest influence with their colleagues as well as those in their wider network. Participate in relevant Twitter Chats, join the conversation using the relevant hashtag and if a relevant Twitter Chat doesn’t already exist, create your own.
  • Get blogging
    Get into the routine of writing regular blog posts, not just about your products but about trends, educational hot topics and other newsworthy content. Leverage your network to see if you can get teaching professionals to write guest blogs to add variety and a different perspective to your blog.
  • Create a range of educational resources that are available for free                                      A range of free materials available to access online is a tried and tested way of getting teachers to test out your materials and follow you for future resources. Use a range of different channels but include Pinterest, particularly if your resources have a visual element.

These are just a few tips to get you started in marketing your new edtech product. At TechEd Marketing, we offer a range of services to help you take your product to the next level. So if you need help creating a marketing strategy or in managing day-to-day marketing tasks, get in touch to see how we can help.

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