Marketing Strategy Development

We offer edtech companies and publishers a fully comprehensive education marketing strategy development service for the UK and International markets. Our clients range from market leaders in their speciality field, right through to small start-ups. So whether you are an existing player within the education market or a new entrant, we have experience to help grow your business.

Our expertise is the education sector, covering early years right through to Further/ Higher Education and beyond. We cover all curriculum areas, as well as special needs and ICT.

Our marketing strategy and plans cover all aspects of the marketing mix, from the embryonic stages of developing brand awareness right through to lead generation and pipeline management. We identify the product value proposition, the profitable market segments to target and formulate the key marketing messaging. This is all wrapped up into a detailed and fully costed go-to-market plan.

Working with TechEd Marketing you’ll benefit from not just our specialist market knowledge built up over the last 19 years but also from the expertise of leading curriculum consultants and our industry partners.

Clients can choose to implement the final plans internally or outsource some or all aspects of the agreed plan to TechEd Marketing for delivery. For those Clients that would like to implement elements of the plan internally we also offer a mentoring service for staff to assist in the execution of plans.

Business Development

Developing strategic partnerships with other companies and organisations can be key to developing strong and sustainable growth over the medium to long term within the education sector. Examples include creating a strong regional or international channel network or an organisation that can help you reach your target audience cost effectively.

However, this can be time consuming for a company’s senior management team who do not have the internal resources to devote to this. How often have you had interesting and commercially beneficial conversations with other companies, only for it to fall by the wayside because time cannot be devoted to nurture the relationship?

TechEd Marketing has the expertise and experience to nurture and develop strategic partnerships on your behalf, from identification of prospect, the approach, pitch, negotiations and final contracts. We have an established list of partnerships in the UK and internationally that we draw upon, as well as continually building up our list of new prospects. We also specialise in the management of reseller networks on behalf of clients, including account management, pipeline management and reporting.

Campaign Management

Looking to outsource some or all of your marketing programmes externally? We are experts in the planning, coordination, execution and successful delivery of marketing campaigns, big or small,  on behalf of our clients. Over the years we have established a network of trusted suppliers including list brokers, telemarketing agencies and designers to assist in the fulfilment of campaigns.

Types of campaigns we manage for developing brand awareness, lead generation and prospect nurturing include:

  • Direct mail and catalogue mailings
  • Digital marketing: email and social media
  • PR
  • Telemarketing
  • Copywriting; including blogs, Tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates
  • Product seeding and piloting
  • Sourcing 3rd party data
  • Event and Exhibition planning management
  • Design, print & production

CRM and Marketing Automation

If you are looking to implement a new CRM or migrate from an existing one, we can advise on the system best suited to your organisational needs, as well design, implementation and roll-out of the system.

In addition to the core CRM, we advise on and implement tools to integrate with it such as mass email marketing tools, online surveys and project management tools. A well-designed and embedded CRM will deliver significant ROI to your business, in terms of cost savings and more effective pipeline management. We also support companies with the implementation of marketing automation, such as automated email campaigns, leads assignment, reporting and templating.

Customer Insight

Need to understand your customer needs better and see how your product proposition can match these more effectively? Perhaps you need to prove the efficacy of your solution, either internally or to external 3rd party stakeholders. We can support you by designing one-off or ongoing customer insight programmes. Online or offline customer surveys Telephone, face-to-face or focus group research Pilot management End user case study generation

Product Development

We specialise in online, app and single sign on integration projects focused on the education technology sector. So If you don’t have an in-house development team or internal resourcing is stretched we can support your organisation in the outsourcing and project management of development projects.