Tips for your welcome emails – get your subscribers re-converted

5 June 2016

You’ve got them to sign up to your email newsletter but that is only the first step. How do you re-engage and nurture your new found email newsletter subscribers, persuading them to interact with you at a deeper level? This article provides some tips on call to actions, with the goal of re-converting your subscribers.

  • Promote more content they may be interested in
  • Encourage a transaction – buy now!
  • Offer an assessment or consultation
  • Ask them to take a short survey
  • Ask what kind of content they want to receive
  • Showcase other email lists they wish to subscribe to
  • Encourage them to become a social fan or follower
  • Offer a free trial
  • Take them on a tour of your product or website
  • Send them to your blog
  • Ask them to visit you face-to-face at an event or showroom or virtually via webinar
  • Leverage your content archives
  • Have them download your mobile app
  • Show off product reviews
  • Ask subscribers to contact a salesperson

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