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Giant Planet provides fun and educational games to nursery and primary school students, to develop early learning skills and coding expertise.

Rainforest Coding is packed with interactive challenges that equip students with the skills they need to become confident programmers. The Scratch and Python modules can be used as part of the curriculum, or at home. The adventure story line and easy to follow instructions mean students can independently work through the activities most appropriate to their ability. Students will go from learning the building blocks of coding knowledge, to completing advanced coding challenges - all whilst fighting evil robots!

Early Years World is a collection of over 250 visually engaging activities for children age 2+. Built around the Early Years Foundation Framework, the variety of games caters to a range of ages and difficulty levels. Children will build vital IT and problem solving skills, whilst playing games that focus on specific learning areas, such as numeracy, literacy, arts and design, or e-safety.

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